We hope you enjoy reading about the history of our Club.

The Club was inaugurated in 1937 and membership was open to employees of de Havilland (Hatfield) Aircraft Manufacturers. The same year the Club was affiliated to the English Bowling Association and the Hertfordshire (South Area) Bowling Association.

As a result of a German bombing raid on the factory in 1940 the green was unplayable until its restoration in 1942. The green continued to be used until 2001.

Bowls matches and competitions were played between the various factory departments, and individual members of the De Havilland donated a number of cups and trophies. One of the highlights of the bowling year was the match between the Bowls Club and the De Havilland Supervisors, which ran from 1970 to 1985. These days were probably remembered more for the barrel of beer and other refreshments that were supplied than for the quality of the bowling.

de Havilland became a founder member of the St. Albans and District Bowling Association in 1957, and has produced two Presidents, namely Gerry Jameson (1993) and Cyril Golder (2002).

During the 1960’s membership was opened to include non-employees.

The de Havilland with Hawker Siddeley aircraft factories merged in 1965, and the club name changed to Hawker Siddeley Bowls club, but reverted back to de Havilland Bowls Club in 1978, and remained as such when British Aerospace acquired the factory.

The Women’s Section was commenced in 1982.

In 2001, as a result of the sale of the factory and airfield, the green was closed, and the present green was opened 2003. In the interim 2 years the club continued, with ‘Home’ games being played on greens ‘borrowed’ from other local clubs.

2005 the decision was made  to combine the Men's and Women's sections to become a "Mixed" Club. 

The de Havilland Sports and Social Club closed its doors for the last time in 2007.   It was renamed Club de Havilland and relaunched as a private members Club under the management of the University of Hertfordshire who owned the premises and the bowling green..  The de Havilland Bowls Club continues as an independent private Club.

de Havilland Bowls Club is today a small Club compared to its early years, but it has an enthusiastic membership who are proud to have one of the best kept greens in the area.  The members continue to play friendly matches against other Clubs in the area as well as for the St Albans and District Bowling Association(s), for Hertfordshire Bowls, in the Welwyn Hatfield Triples Leaue and national Bowls England competitions.