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Welwyn Hatfield Borough Sports Awards 2015
Volunteer of the Year
David Croft
de Havilland Bowls Club

          DAvid Croft receiving Volunteer of the Year Award    Award

It was a great start to the New Year for the de Havilland Bowls Club when in March their green ranger, David Croft, was awarded Volunteer of the Year (over 21) in the annual Welwyn Hatfield Borough Sports Awards.  David won the award against fierce competition from volunteers from a range of sports but triumped because of his exceptional commitment and focus to maintain the bowling green to its highest standards.  Without a green there would be no Club; without David Croft there would be no green.

David has been a member of the de Havilland bowls Club for about 10 years and quickly showed an interest in helping maintain equipment and looking after the green.  He applied himself to learning about the task, met suppliers, experts and other green keepers and now plans the maintenance on an annual basis.  It is extraordinary what he does, from summer spiking, fertilizing and rolling and mowing three times a week through to autumn spiking, top dressing, re-seeding, and scarifying and then every two weeks during the winter to deep spiking and if necessary cutting and rolling. If that isn’t enough he maintains the Club buildings, repairs green surrounds, does servicing and repairing of machinery. 

He does all this without receiving or seeking a penny in remuneration. David is worth his weight in gold so recognition by the community is long overdue and very well deserved

Well done David, and many congratulations from all the Members of the Bowls Club.

Mike Scandrett