For general enquiries then please call our Secretary on
01707 262750.

Other numbers are shown on our CONTACTS page. 

Enquiries about matches, including Ladies Matches, should be made to the  CAPTAIN in the first instance. 

Enquiries about Welwyn Garden City matches should be made to the VICE CAPTAIN as shown on the CONTACTS page.

Officers  (Members of the Executive Committee)

Peter Daley
Mike Scandrett
Peter Daley
Debbie Parsonage
Vice Captains (inc. WGC Triples League)
John Neicho
Vice & Ladies Captain
Fixture Secretary
Martin Duke
Competition Secretary
Debbie Parsonage
Social Secretary
Tony Parsonage
Green Team Leader
Alan Loosley
++ Match Captain appointed for each Ladies fixture

Other posts

Club Coach
Debbie Parsoange
   Green Keeper/Ranger     Alan Loosley 
Assistant Green Keeper
David Croft
Publicity Martin Duke


Hertfordshire Bowls
Peter Daley and Debbie Parsonage
St Albans & District Bowling Association
Tony Parsonage
St Albans & District Ladies Bowling Association Ruth Crouch
HBCS and Bowls Development Alliance
Tony Parsonage

Details of how to get in touch are shown on the CONTACTS page.